Table top Autoclave 26A-TTS100
Table top Autoclave 26A-TTS100
Table top Sterilizer is an easy to use front loading microprocessor controlled Class B autoclave, equipped with a printer. Built-in rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles. Equipped with drying function post sterilization and safety features like automatic shutoff preventing overheating of chamber, auto exhaustion of cool air and auto protection against raised temperature and pressure.

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Sterilizing chamber volume8 L
Power1500 W
Chamber sizeᴓ 170 x 320 mm
Net weight34.5 kgs
  • Microprocessor control with fully automatic cycles
  • Automated post sterilization drying function
  • Rapid steam generator for quick sterilization cycles
  • Safe door lock system ensuring safety / protection during sterilization
  • Automatic power cut off with alarm with low water levels indication
  • Auto exhaustion of cool air
  • Easy accessible water tank
  • Optional liquid sterilization programme
  • Password protection securing access for system setting
Used to sterilize culture media, instruments, dressings, intravenous equipments, rubber closure of glass equipments used in aseptic techniques and numerous objects that can withstand high temperature and pressure

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