Aluminum coated top magentic stirrer with hot plate 01-ACMS100

01-ACMS100 Aluminum Coated Top Magentic Stirrer with hot plate is designed for emulsifying the high-viscosity substances and homogenization. The stirrer has high torque and infinitely variable speed adjustment. This stirrer has different stirring tools based on the product viscosity which includes standard impellers.

Heating plate material Stainless Steel 304 Grade/ Ceramic Coated
Dimension of heating plate 150 Ø
Speed range 50-1600 RPM
Maximum stirring bar length Can use up to 80 mm bar (at lower speed)
Temperature range Ambient to 350°C approx
Dimension of hot plate body 273x160x102 mm
Weight of body 2.8 Kgs
Permissible ambient temperature 5- 40 °C
Permissible relative moisture 0.8
IP class 22
Voltage (V) 230
Power (watts) 650
Hertz (Hz) 50
Top plate Aluminum ceramic coated
  • Moulded with aluminum material
  • Temperature and stir control system can be operated easily
  • Double safety PT sensor is installed for fail-safe operation
  • The top plate is large to assist the beakers up to 2000 ml
  • High magnetic strength
  • Electronic variable speed and electronic variable temperature of the stirrer is controlled with the knob
  • Temperature indicator to ensure the specific temperature of the plate surface
  • Stirring and temperature indicators are available
  • An inbuilt error indicator for heat and stir function
  • Hot top warning indicator for temperature >50°C

It is widely used in biology, medicine, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related fields.

Magnetic stirring bar 35 × 9 mm

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