Binocular Head Biological Microscope 03B-B6BM100

03B-B6BM100 Advanced Biological Microscope has flat field infinity corrected planachromatic objectives, providing FN22 crisp images. This microscope is optimally designed to see the smallest specimen in crisp optical view and contrast. Multiple lenses can be attached, which gives this microscope a magnification that can range from 4x to 100x.

Nosepiece 5-places revolver nosepiece
Head Binocular head
Objective Oil IOS infinity Plan-achromatic objectives: Pa 4x-10x-40x-100x
Eyepiece n.2 eyepieces WF 10x/22
Lighting System Led adjustable lighting system 3 Watt
  • Microscopes have an enclosed safety stage and good quality optical and mechanical performance
  • Advanced instrument with latest optical design and advanced build quality incorporating all the features
  • Equipped with newly upgraded 5-places revolver nosepiece with 4x,10x, 40x and 100x oil objectives
  • Ergonomic and come with an easy to carry stand with a variety of options as standard
  • Excellent optical performance and a rugged and a robust construction
  • Perfect illumination to control and concentrate light on specimens
  • Easy to control brightness, contrast, depth of filed, and evenness of illumination by adjusting the distance between the condenser and objective
  • High luminescent LED illumination reduces need for frequent bulb replacement, especially in the middle of midterms or any research project
  • Designed for brightfield observation and rugged quality
  • Various imaging techniques are available with different models in this series
  • Wide range of filters and accessories
  • Brightfield and Phase Contrast observation modes are available

These microscopes are used in advanced university teachings and routine use. These are extensively used in determining cells, tissues and biological specimens and in many other biomedical research laboratories.

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