Salt Spray Test Chamber 24-STC102


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Description :

This Salt Spray Test chamber is highly reliable instrument to test the corrosion resistivity of products whose has painted, organic or inorganic film surface.

Specification :

Testing Room Capacity412 L
Temperature rangeAmbient ~ 60 ℃
Humidity range95 % ~ 98 % RH
Temperature fluctuations± 0.5 ℃
Temperature deviation± 2.0 ℃
Test time1 ~ 999 hours, settable
Spray deposition1 ~ 2 ml / 80 cm2 ·h
Spray typeContinuous / Periodic
Interior /Exterior materialGlass fibre reinforced plastics; (corrosion resistance, Anti-aging, high strength)
Inner Dimension750 × 1100 × 500 mm
Outer Dimension920 × 1900 × 1200 mm
Input Power4500 W
Power SupplyAC 220 V 50 Hz

Features :

  • Digital micro-computer controller with LED display
  • Smooth interior wall, accurate angle and no crystalline in long-time spraying
  • Chamber material: Glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • Safety devices includes high and low pressure protective switch and high humidity temperature protective switches
  • Can be continuous / periodic salt spraying
  • Standard specimen holder, Hydrostatic hood seal, Collectors in fog chamber

Applications :

It is used to test the corrosive resistance of products Having treated surface such as paints, oil etc. Hence, used in medical, automation and automotive industries.