Automatic Pour Point Tester 52-LTT110


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Description :

52-LTT110 is manufactured with SCM as the core control system. It is also deliberately fabricated with colored touch screen, detecting sensor and semiconductor refrigeration technology. It is designed and made as per ASTM D2386 Standard Test Method for Solidifying Point of Petroleum Products, ASTM D97 Standard Test Method for Pour Point of Petroleum Products.

Specification :

Ambient temperature≤ 30 ℃
Refrigeration speed> 40 °C / 10 min
Repeatability for solidifying point≤ 2 °C
Repeatability for pour point≤ 3 °C
Reproducibility± 4 °C
Pressure of cooling water0.5 kg / cm2
The lowest temperature(-60) °C
Dimensions610 x 450 x 580 mm
Power supplyAC 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz

Features :

  • Test procedures are fully automatic
  • Data automation
  • Semiconductor for refrigeration, makes determination rapid
  • Solidifying point and pour point determination
  • LCD and graphic display
  • It can track and display the real-time temperature, and simulate the test status intelligently

Applications :

It can be widely used in oil refineries, oil stations and other relevant institutions. It can be mainly used to determine the solidifying point and pour point of light oils which have good flow ability and low viscosity.