Chemilluminescence Imaging System 36-CIS100

Chemiluminescence imaging system is a new generation of documentation system with exceptionally high sensitivity and dynamic range. This system is able to detect far weaker signals, offers higher sensitivity and wider linear range. It has 16-bit cooled CCD camera which reduces the background noise during long exposure time. This system offers precise automatic exposure, facilities to crop, rotate and counter colour process for the images obtained.

CCD size 12.49 mm × 9.99 mm
Pixels 2750 × 2200, 4.54 × 4.54 um
A/D 16 bit
Quantum efficiency > 78 %
Grayscale 65536
lens F0.95 motorized lens
Epi-LED white Yes
Light source Blue LED light transmission
Cooling temperature 65 ºC below ambient
Filter wheel Motorized wheel with 5 sockets
Filter 590 nm
Software Image acquision and analysis software
  • Convenient image navigation and browsing
  • Optional attachment of different fluorescent light sources and filters
  • Automatic pixel binning technology
  • Marker image capture and composition with objective bands

White LED light as source of transmission
Filters with range of 460 nm, 530 nm, 630 nm, 670 nm
Fluorescent LED light: 470 nm,530 nm, 620 nm

It has applications in genetic engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology for the obtaining high quality images of DNA/RNA bands using various fluorescent dyes, western blotting and for protein detection, ELISA plate reading etc.

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