FTIR Spectrometer 60-FTI101

FTIR Spectrometer is versatile, innovative, and intuitive, providing superior quantitative and qualitative information for routine analysis of solids, liquids, and gases. It has spectral range of 7800 to 350cm-1 and high S: N ratios and can provide SNR up to 15000:1.

Spectral Range 7800 to 350cm-1
Resolution Better than 0.85cm-1
Wave number Precision ± 0.01cm-1
Scanning Speed 5-step adjustable
Signal to noise ratio Better than 15,000:1
Beam splitter Ge coated KBr
Infrared Source Air-cooled, high efficiency reflex sphere module
Detector DTGS
Data system Compatible computer
IR Library 11IR libraries
Dimension 540 x 520 x 260 mm
Weight 28 kg
  • Compact highly advanced cube-corner Michelson interferometer provides higher stability and is highly sensitive to thermal vibrations
  • Viewable window for silica gel enabling easy observation
  • Isolated IR source and large space heat dissipation chamber
  • Wide sample compartment provides flexibility to accommodate various accessories
  • Model connected to PC via a USB port for automatic control and data communication
  • Various special IR libraries in which users can add and maintain the libraries or set up new libraries by themselves
  • Highly accurate A/D converter, programmable gain amplifier and embedded computer provides accurate and reliable system
  • Accessories such as Defused/Specular Reflection, ATR, Liquid cell, Gas cell and IR microscope can be mounted in the sample compartment

Diffuse/Specular Reflectance
Horizontal ATR/Variable Angle ATR
IR Microscope
Single Reflection ATR
Accessory for Determination of Hydroxyl in IR Quartz
Accessory for Oxygen and Carbon in Silicon Crystal Determination
SiO2 Powder Dust Monitoring Accessory
Component Testing Accessory
Optic Fiber Testing Accessory
Jewellery Inspection Accessory

FTIR Spectrometer find application in the field of pharmaceuticals, forensic and drug testing, material testing and research, energy and fuels, biopharma, geochemistry, mining and metals.

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