Standard Moisture Analyzer 46-MAZ200

Moisture Analyzer is a precised halogen heating instrument which dries samples quickly and ensures uniform heating to yield fast, precise and repeatable results of 10 mg readability. It is equipped with halide torch for heating purpose and has heat insulation type sensor which maintains precise temperature for data acquisition.

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Readability 10 mg
Maximum weighing capacity 10 g
Repeatability 0.5 %
Minimum sample amount 0.5 g
Advised sample amount 3 to 10 g
Plate size 100 mm
Heating time 1-99 minutes
Heating temperature 50 °C to 180 °C
Power AC 115 V / 230V + 15%
Outer size 265 × 160 × 150 mm
Net weight 5 kg
Gross Weight 6 kg
  • Halogen drying method
  • High resolution touch screen LCD display
  • Highly precised temperature maintained for data acquisition by heat insulation type sensor
  • Halide torch for heating and curing
  • Automatic zero-drift correction function
  • Installed with RS232C Interface

Moisture analyzer can test the free water content of chemical raw materials ,grain, mineral, biological product, food, pharmaceutical raw materials, paper, textile raw materials.

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