Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet 56-VAC100

Vertical Laminar Air Flow is a clean air workstation which provides a particle free ultra-clean working environment for aseptic operations. This is carried out by the 0.5 micron / 0.3 micron pore size HEPA filter providing the sterile air flow in the working area .Vertical laminar air flow works on the principle that the vertical unidirectional flow is within the cabinet and is therefore less susceptible to the contamination in the surrounding area.

Dimension of working area ( W x D x H ) 485 x 475 x 455 mm
Dimension of filter ( W x D x H ) 480 x 460 x 38 mm
Fluorescent lamp 8 W
HEPA Filter 0.5 micron / 0.3 micron
Clean grade Grade 100
No of bacteria ≤ 0.5 per utensil / hr.
Half ventilation peak value < 0.5 µM
Pre-filter High efficiency nylon filter
UV lamp 10 W
Controller type Remote control
Noise ≤ 62 dB
Airflow velocity 0.25 m/s – 0.45 m/s
Power supply AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Overall dimension ( W x D x H ) 640 x 530 x 845 mm
Weight 50 kg
  • Stainless steel corrosion proof work surface
  • Digital display for fan speed , life of HEPA filter , lamp control
  • Excellent product protection
  • Alarm for HEPA filter replacement
  • Glass window for easy visualization and protection from UV rays
  • Remote control operation of laminar flow cabinet by controller
  • Particle retention by HEPA filter - 0.5 micron / 0.3 micron
  • Fluorescent lamp – 8 W
  • Sterilization by UV lights – 10 W
  • Air flow velocity - 0.25 – 0.45 m/s
  • Noise level ≤ 62 dB
  • Efficient insulation and quiet operation

Used in bio-assays and sterility testing, hospitals, pathological laboratories, microelectronics, optics, food and beverage, agriculture, animal husbandry, avionics, protection for open vessels of chemicals, solvents or powders , microbiological labs or other research control centers engaged in investigative work with sub-toxic materials

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