Magnetic Sensor Analytical Balance 02A-MAB201

Magnetic Sensor Analytical Balance 02A-MAB201 is a benchtop instrument that incorporates advanced magnetic sensor technology to enhance overall performance. It is equipped with a weighing capacity of 300 grams and a resolution of 0.001 grams. The control panel is designed with five operational buttons to improve stability and reliability.

Capacity 300 g
Calibration weight 200 g
Minimum weighing 0.004 g
Resolution 0.001 g
Sensor Magnet
Pan size 80 mm / 90 mm
Stable time ≤ 3 s
Display LCD (White backlight with black font)
Operational temperature 5 °C to 25 °C
Repeatability 0.002 g
Liner ± 0.003 g
Draft shield size 240 x 190 x 265 mm
Inner dimension 415 x 285 x 430 mm
Outer dimension 475 x 315 x 485 mm
Weight 10 kgs
  • High-Precision Magnetic Sensor: Features a magnetic sensor that ensures precise measuring with a quick response speed
  • Sliding Glass Windscreen: Enhance the visibility and provide a barrier against air currents and dust
  • Anti-jamming and Anti-Static: Minimize the interference from external factors that could affect the accuracy
  • Can be connected to an External Printer: For convenience in documentation and record-keeping
  • RS-232/RS-485 Interface: Facilitates fast and reliable communication with computer and printer
  • Cast Aluminium Outer Covering: To ensure durability and also protect the sensitive internal components

It is mainly used for sample and standard preparation, formulation, differential weighing, and density determination in pharmaceuticals, material science, environmental science, and aerospace industries.

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