Microplate Washer 09A-MPW100

Microplate Washer 09A-MPW100 is very convenient to use for washing microplates in ELISA assay. Its features like uniform volume marking make it easy for measuring the liquid along with automatic alarm system for full liquid indication.

Residual liquid ≤0.5μl
Washing heads 1×8 or 1×12 heads
Plate types Flat, U, V, C bottom
Washing volume 50~2000μl, increase by 50μl
Washing times 99 times
Soaking and Shaking time 19’59”
Washing channels 3
Dispense accuracy CV≤2.0% at 300μl (CV≤1.5% for 96 wells)
Washing method Central Two points Multi points
Bottle 3 pcs 2.5L washing bottle, 1pcs 2.5L waste bottle
Number of wash protocols Up to 100
Data connection USB
Dimensions(W x D x H) 345 x 460 x 200mm
Weight 11.5kg
  • Incorporated with automatic alarm system to indicate full liquid
  • Strainer to avoid liquid blocking in the pipeline
  • Compatible for: flat, U, V, C bottom microplates
  • 4.3 inch color LCD display
  • Accurate washing head position=0.1mm
  • 100 programs can be saved
  • Program exporting by external U-disk

It is used in ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), cell-based assays and microsphere-based assays.

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