Rapid Low Temperature Circulating Bath 28-RLB101

Rapid Low Temperature Circulating Bath is a microcomputer controlled with cold ring liquid circulation and cryogenic liquid with a temperature range of -5 °C. Refrigeration unit with low temperature cooling pump facilitates consistent high pressure and maintenance of low temperature under working conditions of reaction experiments. Equipped with anti-corrosive circulatory system preventing traffic flow, high pressure and low pump body temperature.

Volume 3 L
Temperature range - 10 °C
Refrigerating capacity 673 W
Pump flow 20 L / min
Temperature stability ± 0.5 °C
Head of delivery 10 m
  • Volume - 3 L
  • Low temperature cooling pump
  • Microcomputer controlled temperature
  • Temperature and time LCD display
  • Built-in liquid level monitor
  • Refrigeration unit with relay , protector and capacitor
  • Anti-corrosive circulatory system

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