Soil moisture meter 61-SMM100

Soil moisture meter with compact, portable design finds application in moisture measurement of soil & cement, sand, powders. Equipped with LCD display, this soil moisture meter saves time, the cost incurred in by monitoring dryness of the soil & helps to prevent deterioration occurring from moisture during its storage. This moisture meter goes automatically off after 5 minutes of last operation, also it can be switched off manually.

Measurement range 0 to 80 %
Resolution 0.1
Accuracy ± 2 % n (non-saturation condition)
Needle 280 mm
Display Digital LCD 1.69×1.04 inches
Temperature range 0 to 60°C
Humidity range 5 to 90 % RH
Battery dimension 140 × 60 × 22 mm
Net weight 210 g (excluding batteries)
Gross weight 700 g
Power supply 4 1.5 AAA size (UM4 )
  • Portable nature
  • Back light digital LCD display
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Instant moisture measurement readings
  • Alarm alert for low battery level
  • Auto power off function
  • Data hold function
  • User-friendly appearance
  • Easy to use

Used for best applications in research & development, agriculture, horticulture, construction & other industry to measure moisture of soil, cement, sand, powders.

550 mm

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