Rotary evaporator 55-RER102

Rotary Evaporator is a robust distillation unit which has a wide range of features, combining safety with ease of use and reliability. The key feature is the one piece quick clip, providing easy removal of sticking flasks and non-sticking vapor tube. With automatic water bath filling, maximum solvent solvent recovery rate, static temperature control range, it is perfect for complex distillation processes. The touchscreen graphic LCD display with clear layout shows the rotation speed and temperature making it easy for operational use.

Evaporating flask 20 L / F 125
Optional evaporating flask 10 L , 20 L
Receiving flask 10 L + 3 L , bottom discharge
Maximum evaporating speed ( H2O ) 5 L / hr.
Condensing surface 1 m2
Lifting type Automatic lifting
Condenser type Vertical condenser
Rotation speed 0 – 110 rpm
Reachable vacuum rate < 133 Pa
Bath power 5 kW
Heating power 5000 W
Rotation power 300 W
Static temperature control range and wave RT – 99 °C , 150 °C ± 2 °C
Bath size capacity 40 L
Material SUS 304
Certification ISO and CE
Power 220 V / 60 Hz
Dimensions 1100 x 700 x 2000 mm
Weight 140 kg
  • Chemical resistant PTFE seals
  • Automated water bath filling
  • Glass charging valve
  • Receiving flask equipped with bottom discharge
  • Motorized flask lift with safety automatic release of evaporating flask in case of power failure
  • Cooling surface of 10000 cm2
  • Bumping tube to prevent unexpected solution into receiving flask
  • Touch screen LCD display for smooth user control
  • Frequency conversion speed controller
  • Anti-corrosion and wearable sealing system
  • Safety control circuits
  • Easy , safe and user friendly operation
  • ISO and CE certified

Used for flavor extraction in food industry, solvent removal in separation and recycling chemical / educational / fuel / environmental industry , to determine sample concentration , HPLC and natural product sample preparation , drying down powders (using test tube adapter) and trapping hazardous waste liquid

Model No. LRE-A12
Digital Display Bath Temperature , Rotation speed
PTFE discharge valve PTFE
Charging valve Glass
Taper joint PTFE sleeve Have
Vacuum gauge Have
PTFE rotary seal assembly Have
Bumping system Have
Overall flange joints Have
Frequency conversion speed controls Have
Throttle valve for vacuum Have
Continuous receiving Have
Water bath lid Optional
Cold trap protection system Optional
Thermometer neck for vapor Optional
Evaporating flask unload handler Optional
Ex proof motor Optional
Optional evaporating flask ( baffles available at request ) 5 L , 10 L

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