Wall-mounted One-piece Intelligent Cold Room Unit 17-WMC100

Wall-mounted One-piece Intelligent Cold Room Unit is outfitted with an intelligent defrosting control mode. It has a storage temperature in the range from -20 °C to 10 °C. It features a R404A refrigerant. It is widely used for air-conditioning purpose in various industrial and commercial organizations. Its hermetic scroll compressor prevents leakage.

Evaporating temperature -15 °C
Refrigerant R404A
Nominal working condition power 2330 W
Suitable storage temperature -20 °C ~ 10 °C
Power 380 V/3P/50 Hz
Control mode Intelligent defrosting
Throttle modes Electronic expansion valve fuzzy control
Compressor Hermetic scroll
Dimensions 896.5 × 1083.5 × 840 mm
Weight 60 kgs
  • Defrosting water automatic evaporating system
  • Electronic expansion valves throttling for efficiency
  • Inner grooved copper tubes for efficient condensation and evaporation
  • Integral box-type structure
  • Low pressure compensation system by four way valve defrosting

Used for temperature, such as food refrigeration industry, industrial environmental laboratory, electronics manufacturing and chemical industry.

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