Waste Aautoclave 26-WAC100

Waste Autoclave 26-WAC100 is a top-loading autoclave with a loading capacity of 1200 L utilizes and purifies solid waste by steaming at 134 °C. Simplified with an LCD display that allow intuitive operation with perfect visualization. Our autoclave is configured with a safety feature to prevent protection. Furnished with Siemens, GEMU pneumatic valves, SPECK vacuum pumps, AirTAC solenoid valves, and a GMP authentication.

Capacity 1200 L
Temperature Range 115 °C to 139 °C
Sterilization Temperature 0°C to 2 °C
Designed Temperature 150 °C
Average value ±1 °C
Maximum Pressure 0.25 MP
Inner Chamber Pressure Range 0.1 MPa to 0.3 Mpa
Safety Valve Pressure 0.28 Mpa
Jacket's Pressure 0.3 Mpa
Jacket's Safety Valve 0.28 Mpa
Vacuum Amplitude 80 KPa to 0 Kpa
Times Of Vacuum Pumping 1 to 99 T
Times Of Pulses Across Pressure 80 KPa to 80 Kpa
Times Of Positive Pressure Pulses 1 to 3
Vacuum Leakage Rate ≤ 0.13 kPa/min
Ultimate Vacuum 97 kPa
Tap Water Consumption 65, 600 kg
Power Supply 380V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 3.5 W
Dimension (L*W*H) 1820 ×1490 ×2050 mm
Dimension(W*H*D) 680 ×1180 ×1490 mm
Weight 1490 Kg
  • Includes a special material to absorb plumbing noises
  • Insulating pipes helps save energy and keep them working
  • Outfitted with a pressurized chamber
  • An automatic drainage system optimizes water flow and saves water
  • A built-in printer system facilitates real-time monitoring of its operational procedures.

It is widely utilized in medical facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical laboratories, veterinary, waste management, research and educational institutions, food industry, biotechnology companies, and also in dental practices.

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