Cube Ice Makers O1A-CIM100

Cube Ice Makers O1A-CIM100 is a versatile countertop ice maker insulated with an ice storage bin with a loading capacity of 480 Kg. High-quality Stainless-steel design with a nickel-plated material ideal for storing ice. Integrated with a microprocessor control system for effective and convenient operation. Built-in high-quality materials and innovative technology comply with ISO and CE benchmarks.

Capacity 1000 kgs/ 24 hrs
Storage Bin Capacity 480 kgs
Refrigeration System R404A
Cooling Mode Air/Water Cooling
Cooling Fan EBM
Dry Filter Danfoss
Exterior Finish 304/2B Stainless steel
Compressor Brand Tecumseh
Standard Voltage 1P / 220 V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption 4500 W
Dimension (W × D × H) 840 × 1290 × 830 mm
External Dimension 1300 × 950 ×1230 mm
  • Compact footprint for easy installation
  • Microprocessor control temperature with superior water pump
  • Scratch-free stainless-steel design with rigid plastic cabinets
  • R404A is a refrigerant, high-efficiency CFC-free refrigeration technology
  • Highly efficient, economical operation
  • A robust water pump ensures long-term continuous operation
  • Construction made of highly durable 304/2B stainless steel
  • High vigorous and cost-effective ice-making
  • Edible ice can be produced by using portable water

It is widely used in laboratories to keep samples and reagents cold during experiments or other lab work.

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