Distillation Tester (Low Temperature) 52-DTT107

Distillation Tester (Low Temperature) 52-DTT107 is a single distillation system with advanced refrigerator compressor. It is devised according to “Test Methods for Distillation Characteristics of Petroleum Products at Barometric Pressure” as per ASTM D86.

Graduated flasks 100 ml
Distillation flask 125 mL
Ambient temperature ≤ 30 °C
Relative humidity ≤ 85 %
Temperature controlling range 0 °C ~ 60 °C
Temperature controlling accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Thermometer (-2 )°C ~ 300 ℃ and (-2) °C ~ 400 ℃
Division value 1°C
Scale division 1 ml
Inner diameter of electric furnace φ32 mm, φ38 mm
Outer diameter of electric furnace φ50 mm
Dimension 720 x 590 x 660 mm
Heating power system 1000 W
Total power consumption ≤ 2500 W
Power supply AC 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
  • Total immersion rod type Thermometer
  • LED Digital display
  • Digital temperature controller, heater, refrigeration device and stirrer
  • Adjustable heating power

It is used to determine distillation characteristics of gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuels, special boiling point solvent, naphtha, diesel oil, distillate and similar petroleum products.

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