Filtration Unit with Flask 88-FUF100

Filtration Unit with Flask 88-FUF100 is designed to filter a fluid (liquid or gas) to remove particles or particulate materials from a sample. Composed of a 500 ml funnel and a 2000 ml receiving flask for easy sample filtration. Equipped with a stainless-steel lid, a rubber tube of length 0.8 mm ensures easy cleaning. Directed to sterilize with Epoxy Ethane or autoclaved at maximum temperature of 121 °C for 20 to 30 minutes.

Receiving Flask 2000 ml
Funnel Volume 500 ml
Funnel Valve Glass
Material Pyrex Glass
Filter Membrane Pore Size 10 µm
Connection Ground Joint
  • Ability to resist heat, assures safe sterilization
  • Equipped with a clamp of anodized aluminum to prevent corrosion
  • Promises desired need of filtration with precise pore size of 10 µm
  • Ensures high durability and long-lasting performance
  • Manufactured to offer great fitting with a vacuum pump
  • Easily view the sample through Pyrex glass
  • Fitted with a tube connector that filters out undesirable particles
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple and User-friendly operation

It is widely used for filtration, purification, and removing impurities like micro particles in different fields such as clinical research, environmental analysis, chemistry, biology, etc.

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