Manual lifting rotary evaporator 55-MRE100

Manual lifting rotary evaporator is a user friendly high-quality manual rotary evaporator to meet the essential needs in classical laboratory. It has an ambidextrous manual lift and an adjustable immersion angle. The rotation speed ranges from 0-150 rpm. User control of the distillation process can easily be optimized through the digital display

Evaporating flask 2 L
Lifting type Manual lifting
Optional evaporating flask 0.25 L , 1 L
Condenser type Vertical condenser + top cold trap
Receiving Flask 1 L
Max evaporating speed ( H2O ) 1.2 L / hr.
Condensing surface 0.27 m²
Rotation Speed 0 ~ 150 rpm
Reachable vacuum rate < 133 Pa
Bath power 1.1 kW
Heating power 1000 W
Rotation power 25 W
Static temp control range and wave RT – 99 °C ± 2 °C
Bath size capacity 5 L
Material SUS 304
Certification ISO and CE
Power 220 V / 60 Hz
Dimension 690 x 380 x 980 mm
Weight 25 kg
  • Digital display for visualization of rotation speed and heating temperature
  • Manual lift for fast height adjustment
  • Process samples from 50 ml to 1 L
  • Rotation speed 0 ~ 150 rpm
  • Flask size range : 0.25 – 2 L
  • Ergonomic user friendly design

Used for flavor extraction in food industry, solvent removal in separation and recycling chemical / educational / fuel / environmental industry , to determine sample concentration , HPLC and natural product sample preparation , drying down powders (using test tube adapter) and trapping hazardous waste liquid

Model No. LMRE-A10
PTFE seal assembly Have
Continuous charge Have
Digital display Bath Temperature
Taper joint PTFE Sleeve Have
Low noise Have
Bath lift Have
Cold trap Have
Water bath lid Optional

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