Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter 52-OBC102

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter 52-OBC102 is manufactured with high precision temperature sensor and a high performance A/D converter. The instrument is designed and made as per the International Standards ASTM D5865-13 “Test Methods for Heat of Coal”, ASTM D240-17 “Test Methods for Calorific Value of Petroleum Products” and ASTM D4809-13“Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter”.

Temperature measurement range 10 ~ 35 ℃
Repeatability error ≤ 0.2 % (Grade C)
Endured pressure in oxygen bomb 20 MPa
Operation environment temperature 15 ~ 28 ℃
Temperature resolution 0.001 ℃
Temperature fluctuation Not more than 1 ℃ during a test
Ambient temperature Less than 85 %
Power supply AC 220 V ± 5 %, 50 Hz
  • High precision temperature sensor
  • A high performance
  • A/D converter
  • Automatic and easy operate

It is the desired instrument for power plants, smelting, cement, and petrochemical, scientific research institutes. It is widely used to determine heat value of coal, oils, tar, and paraffin, etc.

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