Soxhlet Apparatus 01A-SOA100

Soxhlet Apparatus 01A-SOA100 is a specialized apparatus featuring a 500 ml flask capacity to provide extraction of lipids from solid samples using a continuous cycle of solvent heating and cooling. It enables automated fast and safe extraction making it a highly efficient tool for dissolving larger quantities of material with minimal supervision and intervention.

Flask Volume 500 ml
Extraction Tube Diameter 50 mm
Extraction Tube Length 230 mm
Siphon Length 110 mm
Condenser Length 270 mm
  • Equipped with essential components, including a condenser, extraction tube, connecting tube, siphon extraction flask, and a heating device
  • Excels at conserving solvent by effectively dissolving larger quantities of material using a minimal solvent input
  • The extraction tube has a diameter of 40 mm, and the siphon measures 90 mm in length
  • Incorporated with two sets of universal clips for securely holding round-bottom flasks
  • Features a spherical condenser complete with a connecting tube and siphon for optimal performance

It is commonly employed in analytical chemistry and organic chemistry for the Solid-Liquid extraction of a wide range of organic compounds from various matrices, such as natural products, food samples, pharmaceuticals, and environmental samples.

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