Sperm Quality Analyzer 55-SQA100

Sperm Quality Analyzer 55-SQA100 is designed with advanced artificial intelligence technology used for the evaluation of sperm quality and quantity. Equipped with a microscope and camera to detain the images of sperm and examine their density, motility, velocity, and morphology. Advisable for clinical semen detection within 0 to 180 µm speed by providing a crucial scientific basis for male fertility.

No. Of Samples 0 to 1000
Sample Analysis <1 Second
Detection Speed 0 to 180 µm
Detection Speed Error ±10%
Diameter Range 1 to 50 µm
Microscope Olympus
Objective Lens 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X
Camera USB 3.0
Packaging Dimensions 56×66×109 cm
Net Weight 52 Kg
Gross Weight 68 Kg
  • Embedded with Computer Image Processing technology helps in enhancing the quality of image
  • Able to filter out all kinds of impurities other than sperm to improve the test accuracy
  • Capable for automatic identification of sperm and automatic tracking of sperm movement
  • Supplied with a digital monitor, ensuring safe and secured storage of data
  • Distributed with a printer that supports printing inspection reports
  • “Scatheless test” assures the sperm’s natural motion state and monolayer sampling
  • Equipped with two trolley sets, easy to carry inside the surroundings

Brand Computer 1 quantity

Phillip Monitor 1 quantity
Olympus Microscope 1 quantity
USB 3.0 Camera 1 quantity
Quality Trolleys 2 quantity
Printer 1 quantity
Thermostat 1 quantity
Sperm Counting Chamber 1 quantity
Power Strip 1 quantity

It has several applications in different fields such as human medicine, andrology research, toxicology research, and veterinary medicine.

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