Tabletop Steam Autoclave TSA100

Tabletop Steam Autoclave TSA100 is a top-loading and long-lasting autoclave that holds a capacity of 8 L working with a temperature range of up to 134 ℃. Utilized with an auto-protection system for excess temperature and pressure. Equipped with a self-inflating leak-proof chamber and an automated drying function. Intended with high-grade stainless that prevents corrosion and the contamination of sterilized materials.

Capacity 80 L
Sterilization Temperature 134 ℃
Adjustment Temperature 105 ℃ to 134 ℃
Sterilization Pressure 0.22 Mpa
Number of Sterilizing Baskets 580 × 290 ×40 mm(2 pieces)
Timer Range 0-99 min
Heat Average ≤±2 ℃
Power Supply 220 V 50 Hz 9 KW
Chamber Dimension (Φ×D) 390 × 670 mm
Dimension 930 × 690 × 1330 mm
Package Size 1100 × 720 × 1420 mm
Net Weight 245 kg
Gross Weight 280 kg
  • Responsive and easy to read all working status on digital LCD display
  • Constructed from stainless steel material that ensures long working life
  • Equipped with a trolley for convenient handling
  • Improved with automatic power shutdown during temperature deviation and power failure
  • Integrated with alarm indicator that alerts warning if water level low
  • The system chamber automatically discharged cold air
  • Additionally, the door opening mechanism remains inoperable unit the chamber’s pressure is reduced to 0.027 MPa

It is commonly used in laboratories, pharmaceuticals and research institute for sterilizing culture media, instruments, dressings, intravenous equipment, for glass apparatus used in aseptic procedures.

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