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Automatic Microtome

Automatic Microtome 24-LAM100
Section thickness setting range 0.25 to 100µm: 0.25μm to 2.5μm, in 0.25μm increments; 2.5-5μm to 50μm, in 0.5μm increments; 5μm to 10μm, in 1μm increments; 10μm to 30μm, in 2μm increments; 30μm to 60μm, in 5μm increments; 60μm to 100μm, in 10μm increments
Trimming thickness setting range 1 to 600µm: 1μm to 10μm, in 1μm increments; 10μm to 20μm, in 2μm increments; 20μm to 50μm, in 5μm increments; 50μm to 150μm, in 10μm increments; 50μm to 600μm, in 50μm increments
Minimum setting of sectioning thickness 0.25μm
Specimen retraction setting range 0 μm-50μm (0 is off), 5 μm-10 μm-15 μm-50 μm (Optional)

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