Biological Microscope 43-BMS202

Biological microscope is easy to operate. With backward nosepiece design, it’s coarse and fine focusing adjustment helps in better observation of the specimen. The microscope comes with 3W LED as external source of illumination. Being compact and light in weight, it is perfect for routine microscopic analysis at research institutes, colleges.

Optical system Infinite optical system
Viewing Head Binocular viewing head Inclined at 30° Interpupillary distance range 54 - 75 mm
Eyepiece High eye point wide field eyepiece PL 10 X / 20 mm with ± 5 degrees diopter control
Nosepiece Backward quadruple nosepiece
Objective Infinite plan achromatic objective: 4 x, 10 x, 40 x(s), 100 x(s,oil)
Stage Coaxial Double layer mechanical stage: 140 mm × 132 mm
Moving range: 76 mm × 50 mm
Focusing Coaxial coarse & fine adjustment with limited & tension adjustment
Coarse adjustment range: 25mm
fine adjustment precision: 0.002mm
Condenser N.A. 1.25 condenser (with socket for phase contrast & dark field sliders)
Illumination Main supply 100 ~ 240 V, 3 W LED lamp with intensity control (fixed center)
Dimension 600 × 600 × 300 mm
Net weight 9 kg
Gross weight 10 kg
  • Backward quadruple nosepiece
  • Infinite optical system
  • 3W LED as source of illumination
  • High eye point wide field eyepiece PL10X/20mm

Trinocular head
Dark field slider for condenser
Simple polarization (polarizer & analyzer)
Phase contrast kit (10 x, 20 x, 40 x, 100 x)

Biological Microscope can be used for routine microscopic analysis of samples in laboratories, institutes, colleges. They are used in research labs for obtaining fine and sharp image quality with superior adjustment.

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